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Our Adoptable Horses


Dixie is one beautiful girl and literally looks like a barbie dream horse. She is around 12 years old, sound, and loves to be loved on. She is rideable but needs an experienced patience rider to start over and go slow with her. She is being adopted out as a project horse and is not recommended for beginner or novice riders. 


Walter & Oakley

Oakley is one incredibly sweet hackney pony. He is only around 3  years old and can get scared in new environments, but once he feels at home is a total love bug. He is going to be a fancy boy with training and age. Oakley's best bud is Walter and he serves a very important roll in Walter's life. Walter is blind and Oakley is his "seeing eye pony". He helps Walter get around, find water and food, and provides emotional comfort. Walter is a 14 year old blind belgian draft. He came to us so skinny and has blossomed here with love and care. He is incredibly sweet and knows voice commands like "Step up" and "back up" which helps when getting led into new environments. He is incredible at memory mapping his environment and gets around like a champ. These two must be adopted together. 


Additional Adoptable Animals

We have horses and minis all the time in quarantine that are available for adoption. Please inquire to see any additional horses that we may have.

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