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Storeybrook Farm Sanctuary, INC

We are a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue dedicated to protecting horses in need by providing sanctuary and driving awareness to end the export and inhumane slaughter of American horses


"My husband and I went to Storeybrook Farm over the weekend.  We had a great time -- it was the highlight of the weekend.   I expected it to be emotional after following Storeybrook and other equine rescues on social media.  However, it was such a happy and loving place.  Olivia and Josh have brought health and happiness to so many equines and other four-legged animals.  The work they have done with these horses to offer them a second chance and happier place to live is amazing – even for those soon heading over the rainbow to greener pastures.  My non horsey husband loved the visit as well.  Josh provided hands on demonstrations of shoeing a horse and shaping shoes with the forge.  It was a really fun visit - we learned so much about the sanctuary and rescuing horses.  I would not hesitate to add the Storeybrook sanctuary to your Vermont itinerary the next time you take a trip North."

Karen H. from Salem, MA

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